The announcement of funding for a new school is just one piece of the good news in the provincial budget for Cochrane.

Town officials say the recently released provincial budget delivers on a number of the advocacy priorities identified by Cochrane town council and administration.

In the 24-25 provincial budget, the town will receive $3,523,342 from the new Local Government Fiscal Framework that is replacing the former Municipal Sustainability Initiative program. That's up $228,312 from $3,295,030 received in the last provincial budget.

It's scheduled to hit $4,104,262 in the next budget. 

LGFF provides capital funding to Alberta municipal governments to support projects that deliver, improve or maintain infrastructure assets.

Official says to help ensure future funding properly reflects our population it's important for residents to participate in the upcoming municipal census.

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The Cochrane Fire Services is receiving the most substantial funding from the Medical First Responder (MRF) program since it was introduced by the province.

Cochrane received $43,215 this fiscal year and anticipates an additional $33,215 in April and the same amount in 2025. This funding supports the additional training provided for Cochrane Fire Services staff to support their delivery of basic medical response. 

Last June, fire services upgraded it medical first response of CFS to full-scope basic life support at the primary care paramedic level from emergency medical responder level.

In the past, it has received small funding amounts for equipment in lieu of funding (first aid supplies and bags).

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In early February, Cochrane launched an advocacy campaign focused on five key priorities of provincial roadways, community infrastructure, access to water, healthcare and EMS, and education.