The Cochrane Cowboys' Nicholas Hooper has a bronze medal wrapped around his neck after Alberta's male wrestling team won a bronze medal yesterday at the Canada Summer Games.

The female team, which includes former Cochrane Cowboy Annika Fines, also won bronze.

The male team had their final head-to-head preliminary matchup against Team Ontario, 25-23, which spoiled their otherwise perfect record. Alberta came out on top in the bronze medal matchup with Quebec, 37-15.

Alberta's female team had a 4-1 record coming out of the preliminary round, also only losing to Ontario. They beat Saskatchewan, 38-9, for the bronze.

The games aren't over for Hooper yet. He is in a semifinal bout this morning against B.C.'s Telvir Dhinsa in the 70k weight class. This afternoon, he'll be competing in either the gold or bronze medal match.

Cochrane Cowboys head coach Gordon Peavy was a member of the coaching staff.