Spiritleaf and Plant Life are the first two cannabis retail outlets receiving approvals from the town for their selected downtown locations.

Adam Nordquist, who is overseeing the approval process for the town, says locations on 1 St. W. and Bow Street Common have been approved. Two others seeking locations on 4th Ave. and 2nd Ave. have been refused.

"The approved locations still need to make it through the 21-day appeal period and obtain a building permit and their AGLC licence," says Nordquist.

Garnering approval from the AGLC might prove to be the biggest stumbling block at this point. The AGLC has suspended processing any further licence applications until they shore up their supply of cannabis. They say suppliers have only provided 20 per cent of the amount ordered, causing a shortage in supply for retail outlets. 

The two other retail store applications continue to go through the town approval process.

"We are still processing the other two applications," says Nordquist. "They are both outside of 150m from the approved applications, so they have not been deemed refused."

The applications were processed on a first come, first served basis and the number of potential locations have been restricted by the town bylaw. 

Calgary-based Spirit Leaf Inc. has already opened a number of retail outlets in Alberta and in other provinces. In January, it had over 100 locations in various stages of planning across Canada.


Local Cannabis Retail Applicants Will Have to Wait