While most of Rocky View County, including Airdrie and Cochrane, is blanketed with smoke from the wildfires up north, the weather this long weekend is looking nice.

Jesse Wager,  a Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada talked about how predicting the forecast is a little harder than usual with the smoke being around.

"Because there is so much smoke in the atmosphere that can help keep temperatures from getting as high as they might get if we didn't have smoke around. With that being said, we do have warmer weather that's moving into the province."

Starting today, temperatures will start increasing to the mid-20s for the next couple of days.

"It does look like a system may be moving in for late in the weekend, So for Sunday night into Monday that might bring some showers. But for the next couple of days, it is looking on the sunny and warmer side."

The normal for this time of year in the Calgary, Cochrane Airdrie range is around 16 degrees, so for the weekend, we should be above normal temperatures.

"We are expecting a little bit of shift in the winds, but it's not a big shift where we're having very strong winds that might come and bring some air that isn't smoke-filled."

Right now Airdrie and Cochrane are both under a special air quality statement.

"If you can reduce your activity level outside if things are becoming uncomfortable for you, head back inside for a bit of a break from the smoke."

To see where the current wildfires are and projections of where the smoke will be travelling, click HERE.