The latest mural in Cochrane was revealed this morning on the side of a building next to The Station and the new downtown green space on Railway St.

The mural mosaic is created from 1,000 pieces of art, 700 by Cochrane area residents, to form an image of Cochrane's iconic Grandfather Tree.

A small crowd gathered to get their first look at the finished product on June 30. A smaller version of it will be on display during the Canada Day celebrations at Mitford Park.

A plaque is being added below the mural with a QR code.

"This QR code will allow you to go to that website and click on individually selected pictures to get the story behind it because some people did provide stories on this," explained Marina Chabbert of CAES.

The theme "Cochrane Together" centres on how Cochranites made their way through the pandemic.

Among the contributors there for the unveiling was Chantal Barber.

Chantal Barber

"I moved to town mid-COVID, and looking for some solace, so I painted it as best as I could interpret it. I absolutely love this and what it means."

Yuchen Tang wasn't involved in the project but wanted to see it.

"I heard people talking about it and after seeing it, it is such a pleasant surprise," says Tang. "When everything comes together, it's a symbolism of the collective power of community."

mural 2

Mayor Jeff Genung praises its location.

"I just love that it reflects onto the new open space that we created with The Station, and how it gives people something to look at. One day when a train comes through here and if you don't stop. you're going to look. Maybe this will entice someone to get off and take a look."

The Cochrane and Area Events Society (CAES) spearheaded the project and is also coordinating tomorrow's Canada Day celebrations.

group with mural