The Labyrinth of the Seniors on the Bow (SOTB) has been suitably named Serenity to reflect its purpose of helping people find peace of mind.

It officially opened on June 3 with a well-attended ribbon cutting ceremony, attended by old and young alike.

"In 2021, it started out as an idea, and over the past 24 months it has been turned into this wonderful place that we've named Serenity," said emcee Nancy Gibbie, SOTB's immediate past chair.

Mayor Jeff Genung praised the seniors' organization for its commitment and work in the community.

"Not only have they worked tirelessly to bring the Labyrinth project to life, but they've also been instrumental in creating a supportive environment for seniors," said Mayor Genung.

A large team of volunteers assembled all the pieces required to complete the project, from gathering and painting rocks, planting perennial vegetation, and building the gazebo at its centre.

Dave Amonson headed up a group of volunteers from the centre's Engaging Men's group. He designed the gazebo and entranceway that a handful of men constructed.

He says it was Bernadette Thibault who encouraged the group to take on the project.

lab 1Nancy Gibbie, Mayor Jeff Genung, and Dave Amonson hold the scissors used to cut the ribbon.

Amonson is pleased with the designs and the end result.

"We're going to let it weather naturally. So we haven't put any finish on it. We put concrete under this and then a plastic-type floor, so there's nothing to rot on that site, so it should stay pretty good without much maintenance. The painting of the rocks and so on, that can go on forever."

GazeboA group enjoys the cake served at the opening in the gazebo at the centre of the Labyrinth.

Serenity is located immediately behind the SLS Centre on the Bow River side. It's a short walk along a community path from the centre's parking lot.

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