The town is making an application to put an end to Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) trains blowing their whistles when travelling through the downtown core in time for the completion of the future at-grade pedestrian crossing that will connect Railway St. with the Historic Downtown.

Pinky De La Cruz, town director of engineering and asset management, told council the agreement is anticipated to be finalized in time for the opening of the new crossing late this summer.

She says the town has been collaborating closely with Canadian Pacific Railway on the project that will coincide with the completion of The Station, now under construction on Railway St.

"Whistle cessation basically means that the train operator will not proactively apply the whistle as the train approaches the crossing," De La Cruz explained to council. "So this means that visitors, residents, and businesses will not be subjected to the whistleblowing at the time the train crosses."

Town councillor Susan Flowers was especially pleased with the application.

"We have a lot of trains going through downtown and I live there, so I'm very happy about this. Every once and a while they forget and do honk the horn or blow the whistle and it scares you off the couch."

Safety equipment required for the new crossing includes controlling arms, speed control fencing, warning lights and signage, and tactile paving for those visually impaired.

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