Women of all ages are invited to an evening of empowerment.

Marni Fedeyko and Mary Lou Eckmeier are partnering together to bring an evening of laughs, enthusiasm, and motivation for the ladies in Cochrane.

Fedeyko says bringing women together for an evening has been on her mind for awhile.

"I love the idea of women helping women. Collaborating, sharing, networking is how we gain experience and knowledge."

Fedeyko is hoping the event will occur monthly. Jeri Maitland, Executive Director at the Cochrane Public Library is a huge help, shares Fedeyko.

"Jeri is always so accommodating with all my crazy ideas. Her energy is incredible and infectious."

Fedeyko and Eckmeier have already done an event together, where they raised money towards a youth memorial fund.

Fedeyko adds this time any funds raised will go towards a women's initiative; whether that be a shelter or helping women in abusive situations, it will be decided at the meeting.

Fedeyko plans to have two local ladies; Lisa Elle of Ellements Group (financial Planning) and Alannah Jensen, blogger and entrepreneur- to share their stories, thoughts, and motivation with the group.

"There are so many strong, funny, empowering women in our local vicinity. They don't have to be famous to be encouraging, uplifting, and motivating to others."

The first 'Women Empowering Women' event will occur on Wednesday, June 15 from 6-8 pm at the Cochrane Public Library, tickets are $10 and will include appetizers and wine. Tickets can be found here.