Danielle Cameron believes there's a better way to take care of the needs of Albertans and is running for the Alberta Independence Party (AIP) in the Airdrie-Cochrane riding in the upcoming provincial election.

She believes Albertans and businesses are hurting and it's time to change the way we operate.

"All my family and friends have and are still losing their jobs and their homes," says Cameron. "Now industries and small businesses need a better business plan to keep us out of debt for more than four years."

As its name indicates, a major plank of the Alberta Independence Party is to immediately hold a referendum to quickly decide whether Alberta wants to stay in Canada. By cutting ties with the federal government, AIP says it would end equalization payments, GST and over 120 other assorted levies, tariffs and fees. Party policies also include reducing personal and business taxes, reducing government waste and establishing an Alberta police force. 

The party platform calls for a major restructuring of our taxation. They advocate for zero tax on the first $45,000 of income and a 20 per cent flat tax on anything above. She says that alone would give Albertans $600 more in their pocket each month. AIP wants to establish an 8.5 business flat tax and a nine flat tax for all foreign-owned businesses. 

Cameron believes the overhaul is necessary.

"It really does make sense for us to get out there and change the way we've been doing things. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, it's the definition of insanity."

"We want to make sure all Albertans are able to save money. We're hurting right now. Our farmers are hurting, our coal and gas industries are hurting, so is every other industry across the province."

AIP was originally formed in 2001 but did not receive party status for the 2001 Alberta election. Now 18 years later it has that status and 63 candidates running in this election.

Cameron says she's proud of every one of their candidates.

"We're the fourth largest party in the province. We can get a majority government so that's exciting for Albertans because everybody wants to make the right choice. We want honest politicians and people that come from Alberta to help out the rest of Alberta."

Cameron, a born Albertan, has resided in the Cochrane area for five years and previous to that has worked in Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie and central Alberta.

She will be participating in forums across the constituency, including the one here, and plans to hold coffee chats.

"I've been door knocking and I've put out over 100 signs so I'm sure they're seeing my name and wondering what it's all about. I'd really like to talk to folks and tell them how we can help Albertans."

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