Rocky View Schools' (RVS) modular wish list was far from being fulfilled by Alberta Education.

The province has approved nine modulars, three of them tentatively slated for Cochrane's Fireside School and six for the Northcott Prairie School. The relocation of one modular/portable washroom to Northcott Prairie School from Herons Crossing School was also approved.

RVS had sought 22 new modular units and the relocation of another 12 classrooms and one washroom unit to mitigate ongoing enrolment growth until the new schools can be built.

With approvals being only a fragment of what was requested, RVS administration will reassess its accommodation plans to determine if any revisions are required to where the new modulars and one existing modular should be located to best relieve space pressures.

Any revision to their location would first require approval of the board of trustees and Alberta Education.

It's not the first time RVS had been painfully shortened on extra classroom space provided by modulars. Last year, they requested 32 and received only a spattering of 10.

The division submits a request every October and find out how many they've been awarded the following spring.