To win the Kraft Hockeyville title, Cochrane will need the whole province to help. 

"We're going to need literally millions of votes here, we know what past communities won with and it's an astronomical total. We're going to be reaching out to all our community partners. Obviously, we will engage with the Town of Cochrane and Rocky View County, we're looking at having people go out to different businesses in Calgary and potentially even have somebody travel up to Edmonton from our centre, just to rally the entire province. At this point stay tuned, we're going to need the entire community on this one." said SLS Centre CEO Erin Wagner. 

To win the title would mean big things for the Cochrane Arena, with $250,000 in prize money to improve the guest experience with upgrades to seating, washrooms, and a focus on the female dressing rooms/universal dressing rooms. 

Cochrane arena seating

Even though Cochranites came together to reach the top four it is going to take even more work to win it all and take home the title and the right to host an NHL preseason game.

Cochrane is up against Elliot Lake ON, Wolseley SK, and Enderby B.C. "It really demonstrates the passion that this community has and I think we have a significant advantage. I look forward to everybody coming together and rallying behind a common cause." Wagner said on how we got here.

Voting is unlimited and opens on March 29 at 7 a.m. and closes on March 30 at 3 p.m. The SLS Centre will have laptops and computers available for people to vote and are urging people to vote as many times as they can during the 32-hours.

The last time an Alberta city made it to the top four was 2019 with Rich Valley. The last and only time Alberta won was 10 years ago in 2014.

You can register to vote on the Hockeyville website here. 

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