Fireside and River Heights residents may notice workers using special cameras to inspect sewer pipes over the next month. 

This is to ensure Cochrane's utilities and infrastructure remain in optimal condition as the water and wastewater department conducts proactive maintenance.

According to the Town of Cochrane, crews will use CCTV to inspect the sewer pipes. The cameras will navigate through the pipes to identify issues such as breaks, cracks, or sags. This technology proves cost-effective by minimizing the need for expensive flushing and inspections. 

The Town does not anticipate this work to significantly disrupt traffic flow or water service for residents. 

"While they inspect, sometimes air can come into homes through the sewer pipes. This might cause the water in the toilet bowl to bubble or even splash out, but it’s not common." stated the town. 

"To avoid any smells or splashing, it’s a good idea to keep the toilet lid down during the inspection. If you notice any strange smells in your home, just run the water into your drains to clear things out."

You can access more information from the Water and Wastewater department at 403-851-2590.