Cochrane's only campground is a little busier for the first week in April compared to most years. 

Jay Stephenson with Bow RiversEdge Campground says they have between 30 and 40 residents who have just returned to Canada staying in their RV's right now. 

"With the pandemic happening we have had an influx of Canadian snowbirds that have had to return back to Canada. Being snowbirds, basically their summer home is being in Canada. Generally we wait for them to come back somewhere in April or May but we have had to open up about three weeks early just to accommodate those coming back early."

Stephenson says all of the residents have been sticking to their own trailer or motor home. 

"Every snowbird that has come from the United States is required to self-quarantine for a mandatory 14 days. So basically they are pulling into the campground and staying in their RV for 14 straight days. So they have to coordinate their groceries and things like that without having to go out into the community."

"They understand there are quarantines in place. The reality is that people are just extremely friendly and they'll wave from a distance if they need to. They'll come outside of their RV's, say hi to their neighbour and then go back in. Basically a lot of the communication is either via email or phone.

There are 144 fully serviced sites at the campground and Stephenson says typically they are a third to half full of snowbird RV'ers.

He anticipates the summer camping season to be a bit different this year. 

June, July and August are obviously their busiest months and he says they usually get a huge influx of American tourists because of the Calgary Stampede but if the border remains closed or if the Stampede is cancelled that may change.

"We are seeing an influx of Canadian snowbirds coming back looking for a place to summer with their RV. So on the one respect we are losing business on the American tour side but we are increasing our business from the Canadian long-term snowbirds."