I, like so many around the world right now, have been feeling so many different emotions as the reality of this global pandemic sets in.

Life as we know it is different... and that is the reality we are faced with right now.

Schools have been cancelled, sports and extracurricular activities have been cancelled, parliament has been put on hold, and social distancing is not only encouraged but necessary.

I, like so many others, have felt moments of anxiety and stress .. but this weekend was a  good reminder to me, to embrace what I do have.

This weekend I spent time with my family, inside the comfort of my home. We watched movies, played games, listened to music and built a giant fort.

We laughed and talked... and we were together. 

In the days and weeks ahead, I plan on spending more time with my family. I plan on getting some fresh air, reading, singing, dancing, exercising, playing, laughing and embracing life's simple pleasures. 

We are all in this together, and HOPE is not cancelled!