One of the biggest challenges with invasive species is some of them are so darn pretty you don't realize the damage they can cause.

Jade Patterson, of Blooming Bee Gardening, is the guest speaker for the fourth and final session of the Cochrane Environmental Action Committee Living Sustainably Speaker Series II this Saturday Apr. 13th at the Frank Wills Hall. It begins at 1 p.m.

The topic is flora and fauna invasive species in and around Cochrane, and there are many. Canada thistle, yellow clematis, baby’s breath and the notorious creeping bell flower, to name just a few.

Patterson will be talking about these and other species, how to identify them and what are the best strategies to properly removal and disposal of them.

"One of the main problems I find with invasive species is they're pretty," she says.

Among the things she'll be stressing is the importance of knowing what you're buying and how easily the seeds can be transferred to your property.

"For example, while in another province, you have a picnic. You've laid down your blanket, and now you've got seeds on your blanket. If you use the blanket somewhere locally, you could transfer the seeds that way."

When you buy a pack of wildflower seeds, it could include some from species you don't want in your yard.

"The pros and cons of being able to buy everything from across the world is that some wildflowers in California are invasive species here," she points out as an example.

She'll be touching on much more, of course, and a Q&A will follow. As with all of the sustainability sessions, CEAS also encourages discussion between participants.

Blooming Bee Gardening is a Calgary-based business that specializes in creating and maintaining water sustainable gardens that promote the growth of plants native to the area. Their eco-friendly practices and use of sustainable materials are designed to reduce the impact on the environment, while creating beautiful and functional gardens that support local ecosystems.

Registration is free and can be accessed at this link.