Members from the Cochrane Jeepers Club have spent the last few nights driving by homes and wishing people a Happy Birthday.

It's a group of about 15 to 20 Jeep owners who get together on a regular basis for coffee and go to off-road events from time-to-time as well.

Brad MacDonald says "We just wanted to go out and make people's day and this was a good format for us."

"The first one was a friend of one of the members so we kind of did it as a surprise for them but people are now contacting us."

On the second night they went to five homes.

"We just kind of organize ourselves in a large parking lot obviously trying to keep our social distancing. We organize and then parade to the birthday person's household. We drive by slowly and park in front so they can see us and then we drive away."

Cochrane Jeepers

If you're interested in getting involved, know someone who could use a Jeep birthday parade or if you're wanting to join the club they have a Facebook page called Cochrane Jeep Birthday Parades.

See photo gallery below.