Cochrane did not make the list for a new school to be built in the 2023 provincial budget.  

Education Minister Adrianna LaGrange provided an update on the Budget 2023 school projects this (Wednesday) morning.  

Announcing the Alberta government is investing $2.3 billion over the next three years, in new and modernized classrooms.

Budget 2023 supports 58 projects, which includes 13 full construction projects, 20 design, 14 planning, and 11 pre-planning projects.

The only time Cochrane made the list in the province’s Budget 2023 was for the pre-planning program for new K-5/K-8 schools.

According to the release, pre-planning funding allows a conceptual project to define scope elements, programming priorities and includes activities such as community engagement.

Or, as LaGrange explains it, "Pre-planning funding is intended for projects that are anticipated to be high priorities in the coming years. So, this includes projects in newer developing neigbourhoods or projects that are still reasonably affordable to maintain and operate but have several facility systems nearing the end of their lifespan." 

The closest new school build to Cochrane will be a new Francophone High School in Airdrie.