A Cochrane mom will once again have the thrill of a lifetime when she rides across the rodeo grounds in front of tens of thousands of people. 

Chelsey Yundt will be participating as a ranch rider in the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

She said it's a big commitment as a busy mom of four, but something she couldn't say no to.

"It is definitely early mornings and late nights but it's all worth it and it's insanely exciting. It's a great group of girls that I also participate doing it with, so it's pretty amazing."

She'll be doing the grand entry, a sponsorship lap, a victory lap and then they'll chase out the cattle.   

Her horse Cash stays on the Stampede grounds throughout the duration of the 10 day event. 

"We get here early in the morning, we warm up, we do the rodeo. Sometimes we have to run to the stage and do flags on the stage. Then at nighttime there's also roughly four to five of us girls that also do stage at night. Sometimes you have a break in between the rodeo and doing the night stage, but for the most part, it's pretty go go go."

Chelsey Chelsey Yundt practicing on her horse Cash prior to the Calgary Stampede kickoff 

There are 12 ranch riders in total. 

"We all go out and we each have our own flag and our own position in the team and we all work together to make sure everyone stays safe and help add to the show."

When it comes to trying to spot Yundt during the show, she said look for her on the smallest brown horse. 


The Calgary Stampede kicks off tomorrow.