A well-deserved honour for a Cochrane photographer. 

Michelle Spice has been nominated for Visual Creative of the Year at the upcoming Country Music Alberta Awards.

"I am so excited. I've been involved with the Canadian country music scene for years." says Spice. "I've been a photographer for 13 years and a big chunk of that has been in country music. Shooting live concerts, single covers and album covers, not just in country, but a huge chunk of that is country."

The talented photographer is being recognized because of a photoshoot she did with Juno award winner, Chad Brownlee for a new single he released in 2023. 

"He was so fantastic. We spent four hours together, we not only shot for that single cover, but we shot in different areas of a venue. The Crossing at Ghost River actually, right here in town, in Cochrane. The Country Kind, the cover of that, that single is my photo. I'm very proud."

Chad Brownlee Photo courtesy Michelle Spice 

Spice says she is up against some great talent, but she considers it a privilege to have been nominated no matter the outcome. 

"My cohorts in this Visual Creative of the Year Award are all colleagues and friends, and they're all fantastic. So whatever happens, happens, I'm just so honoured to have been included in this category."

Spice won't just be sitting in the audience at the ceremony, she will be working. She has once again been asked to be the official photographer.  

The 13th Annual Country Music Alberta Awards will go in Edmonton on March 9-10.