Cochrane residents will honour the sacrifice of those who gave their lives to defend our peace and freedom this weekend. 

The annual Remembrance Day ceremony is set to go on Saturday, Nov. 11 in historic downtown Cochrane. 

Ret'd Warrant Officer Brad Ross is organizing the event and says it will be a similar service to last year and is expected to run about 45 minutes at the Cochrane Legion Cenotaph.

"It's a fairly short ceremony that will feature a speech from Ret'd Cpl. Joey Cyr who will MC the event." This will be followed by a short speech by Mayor Jeff Genung.

The ceremony will also include the laying of the wreaths, the flag raising as well as bagpipers and a bugler. 

Event goers are encouraged to attend the Legion after the ceremony for refreshments. 

Ross says they love to see young families attend each year. 

"We have the freedoms because our forefathers fought to give us that and we need to continue that education to the next generation. Right now is a key time because those older Vets are starting to pass on, the more of the younger generation that we can get to meet these people, the harder it hits home with the younger generation." 

Warrant Officer Bradley RossRet'd Warrant Officer Brad Ross

"Coming out and meeting these Vets and hearing their stories, really hits home for a lot of the younger people and I think it's good for them to hear it. I know it's tough sometimes and you don't want your child to be making noise and running around but still, coming out and showing up, I think is worthwhile." 

The Remembrance Day Service will begin at the Cochrane Legion Cenotaph at 10:45 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 11. 

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