Erin Calver is in hospital in Calgary right now struggling to breathe.

The 38-year-old from Cochrane has been diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Calver says she started having flu-like symptoms last Wednesday.

She says she is on oxygen and having a hard time right now.

"Everything is a struggle with breathing. I am not allowed out of my bed right now to the bathroom. I have to remain in bed. It seems to go in waves so I'll be okay for a couple of hours and then my oxygen may drop more and I may have more breathing difficulties the next hour."

Calver, who has an underlying cardiac condition says she was just put on antibiotics today. 

"I was started on IV antibiotics and pill form. So this is my first dose. The nurses and doctors don't know enough to know how long it'll take for me to start to feel better. Each patient they see has been totally different. I know a lot of people have fevers and I have not."

She says her doctors believe she picked this up by community transmission as she doesn't know anyone who has traveled or has been diagnosed with the virus.

Calver is pleading with the public to stay home right now. 

"I pray that everyone does listen to what the top doctors are saying. I know so many people are not staying home when they should be and this is very contagious and although it might not affect you it might affect the people you pass it on to."

Calver took to Facebook and wrote about what she is faced with right now to help get the word out about the seriousness of this virus.

It had been shared over 10,000 times as of Wednesday morning at 11:00 a.m. MT.

See her post below.