Cochrane's radio station 91.5 CochraneNow made a donation of $3,200 to each of the local high schools to help benefit their band programs. 

The three schools have received Golden West Broadcasting Canadian Content Development (CCD) grants. 

Kevin McGregor band and drama teacher at St. Timothy High School said the district is really good at providing the traditional music elements such as band instruments so it's nice to use this money on other things. 

"There's so much to music that's outside of audio stuff, so we've been purchasing a lot more modern equipment like synthesizers and DJ equipment and sound editors and things like that in order for the kids to explore beyond the traditional uses for music."

He said the DJ and sound equipment that they purchased last year with the grant money was recently put to good use at a school dance. 

"It was actually kind of a last minute decision on the kids. We had all the equipment and I finally convinced one of the kids to do it and he was a little hesitant to start with but then he went and took the DJ board home all weekend and came back and he was really ​​​​​​​into it and was doing the whole thing and loved every minute of it."

DJSome of the equipment purchased at St. Timothy's from the 2023 grant. 

The band programs at Bow Valley High School and Cochrane High both received $3,200 cheques as well. 

Cochrane High From left: Lauren Meister, Cochrane High Principal Jeff Chalmers, April Waterbury, Eric Ruttle