Today we're celebrating one of our own.

Noel Edey who is a full time reporter at 91.5 CochraneNow has been awarded the Alberta 55 Plus Appreciation Award.

Alberta 55 Plus is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to helping mature Albertans lead healthy, vibrant lives through active lifestyle choices.

From covering municipal matters to fires and collisions, to feel-good community stories, Noel can be seen at any event in Cochrane big or small. 

Doug Campbell with 55 Plus Sports said he can always rely on Noel. 

"Anytime I share anything with the media, it's always Noel who will respond, 'Where and when and can I bring a camera?'."

"When Noel came and covered where I hosted the provincial curling championships, we had 160 curlers, and I had a bagpiper and Noel filmed them going all the way around the perimeter of the rink. So that was a really special thing that was shared with a lot of people. So that's just one of the more recent examples."

Campbell, who nominated Noel for the award said there's never any doubt that he will go above and beyond with his story coverage. 

"He is so deserving. I can't even tell you a time where he didn't respond one way or the other, and I realize that some days he's trying to cover 20 different things but if he gets a little adequate notice he certainly finds a way to pop up at the right time."

If it weren't for Noel, many people's stories would not be told according to Campbell. 

"The other very much appreciated thing, I took a team of 119 people to Brooks for the Summer Games, which were held last August and he did follow up interviews with some of the winners. One that comes to mind was Joan Gunn-Allard who won four gold medals for swimming. His follow up interview with her showed that she volunteered for the Masters Swim Club here in Cochrane and that she coached, taught and mentored many disadvantaged kids. So again, that's just another nice high-quality story that otherwise people would not be aware of."

"His humility and he's often behind the scenes, I've never seen him move to the front of any kind of thing that we've done. He's exceptionally modest, but he's also very effective and with his own camera. He's very particular with how he takes his pictures and the angles that he takes."

Campbell has known Noel for more than a decade and said he is an integral part of our community. 

"He's always been a real pleasure to deal with."