As of Tuesday, mid-morning the air quality for the Cochrane area has been has been upgraded to 10+. This means that the air quality has been deemed a very high risk.

"At-risk populations should avoid strenuous activities outdoors. Children and the elderly should also avoid outdoor physical exertion."

According to Climate Change and Environment Canada, those at a higher risk of health problems, when exposed to air pollution, include seniors, pregnant people, infants and young children, people who work outdoors, and people involved in strenuous outdoor exercise. Others include those who have an existing illness or chronic health conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, mental illness, and lung or heart conditions.

The general population should reduce or reschedule strenuous activities outdoors, especially if they experience symptoms such as coughing and throat irritation.

Rocky View Schools Division stated on its website that due to heavy smoke in the region, schools are being asked to keep students indoors for recess and lunch breaks if the air quality is at 7/high risk or higher in their area.

"Conditions and decisions on indoor activities may change throughout the day. Parents keeping students home due to air quality health issues are reminded to report their absence to their school," RVS stated.

Cochrane and the surrounding areas are currently under and air quality statement as smoke from Alberta's wildfires has migrated to Southern Alberta. However, air quality conditions are expected to improve on Wednesday.