With the less than favourable driving conditions of late and more of the same on the way, the odds of experiencing a fender bender increase.  

If you have the misfortune to be in such a situation as sliding into another vehicle or vice versa, it is good to know what you need to do. 

Chances are the circumstances will be stressful especially if you are standing out in the elements and you are late for where you were going.

So, expediency is a good thing. 

Cochrane RCMP Corporal Susan Richter explains the steps to take if involved in a minor collision. "You are only required to report to us if the combined total damage is more than $2000 or if there are injuries or if it is a hit-and-run situation. If there is nothing criminal involved, it is just poor weather, vehicles bumped into each other, you can exchange between yourself and the other driver."

The information you are required to provide is your driver's license, insurance, and registration. 

Richter says it is the perfect time to put your phone camera to work by taking pictures of the other driver's information including their license plate and of the damage done to both vehicles. 

Once you have recorded all the information, you can then continue on your way, and report it to the detachment at a later time. 

Richter says, "You can call us and report it later and we can email statement forms to you and we can do a lot of it without troubling you further in terms of coming into the detachment."