Chances are if you looked around your home, you could find an old phone or two that is currently just sitting in a drawer collecting dust. Big Hill Haven women’s shelter in Cochrane is currently accepting used phones and their chargers by donation to help victims of domestic violence. A phone can go a long way in helping people in need, from giving them an unmonitored source of communication or to call 911 in case of an emergency. 

Tara McFadden, fund development and public relations officer for Big Hill Haven says that phones are such a big part of life now and are very important to women and families in need. “Just look at anybody's day to day life right now, how important the phone is, you know, for everything. For staying connected or for getting your news or paying your bills. It's a really important part of your life. Sometimes for women who are in need, They don't have a phone, or they don't have a phone that they have control of."

"We're asking people to do this they can donate their old phones to Big Hill Haven, and then we can repurpose that and share it with our clients, so that they have one, you know, going to that next step in their life. This is a really important solution and it's a really important part of being independent

If you would like to donate a phone and it’s the charger, a dropbox has been set up at Cochrane Floors and More located at 417 1st Street West.

If you or someone you know needs help, Big Hill Haven can be confidently contacted by phone at 403-796-6564 and via live chat here.