The Cochrane Public Library has kicked off its Grow a Reader campaign in support of early literacy.

Members of the community are invited to donate anywhere from $5 to $50 and help embellish the library’s “Grandfather Tree” with such things as apples, leaves, acorns and squirrels.

All the proceeds will go towards enhancing the library's early literacy kits as well as its early childhood programs, such as Storytime, Baby Lap Time and Movers and Shakers.

“It’s our second year with this campaign and our own Grandfather Tree," says library director Monique Fiedler-Sills. "We love the connection to this historic Cochrane landmark with its roots in our community demonstrating the benefit to generations of Cochranites, as we support little readers becoming future leaders.”

Donations are being accepted until Apr. 4. They can be made at the library or through either or website and Facebook page.

The 2023 report, The Case for Literacy in Alberta discovered 45 per cent of working-age Albertans do not have the literacy skills required to perform most jobs in today’s economy reliably and consistently.

It is believed the most effective and efficient way to reduce the cost of low literacy, both in dollar and human costs, is to provide literacy materials and supports early in the lives of children.

The library hopes to raise $1,700.

library poster