An alleged cougar attack that sent shivers down the spines of hikers appears to be one big fat lie that has maligned the reputation of the big cat.

In a written statement provided to Cochrane Now today, Parks Canada officials say it has turned up no evidence that an alleged cougar attack actually took place on Feb. 12.

The area closure for the popular Rockbound Lake area, including Castle Mountain Lookout and Silverton Falls, has been lifted.

Last month, Spencer Weilermann, 23, of Calgary, gave detailed accounts to several news outlets of how he grabbed the attacking cougar off his back, punching and kicking it until it ran off into the bushes.

After an extensive report, Parks Canada officials have debunked Weilermann's horrific story.

"Parks Canada has completed its investigation into a visitor-reported incident on February 12, 2024 in the Rockbound Lake area within Banff National Park. Following standard protocol, Parks Canada thoroughly searched the area of the reported incident and found no signs of cougar activity. Parks Canada also undertook forensic testing to corroborate initial findings."

Lab-tests indicate not a single trace of cougar DNA was among the samples collected.

Parks officials did not respond to the question of whether charges could be pending against the Calgary man.

Cougar attacks on humans are rare.