As many people start to plan another summer staying close to home, Rumble Alberta is planning on amping up your road trip around Alberta.

“It's a challenge event bringing rubber tire tourism to Alberta”. says Aaron Archibald, Cochranite and Social Media Influencer for The Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association.

“We've got a beautiful province here. So, this is for all these rural towns that are hard hit. It is basically bringing these routes, these people in their cars and on their bikes to these little towns and to these businesses and helping them out economically that way”

Rumble Alberta 2021 will feature 44 routes around Alberta, with plans to help the economy and local businesses in around 400 rural communities. The routes are designed with motorcycles and cars in mind.

“There are five routes in our region in Alberta, For example, south of Bragg Creek to Medicine Hat but it goes through Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Vulcan, things like that. And the idea is, as these places come on board. There are businesses and tourism associations that get put on the map.”

“It's really a win-win, we get people out onto the road with these rumble passes and there are charities that are involved. If you're out with your family, you hop in your car, you do your rumble pass you can get some prizes, learn some Indigenous history, geocache, and things like that.”

April 15, 2021, is the launch of the first early bird Rumble maps. Go here for more information.

Aaron, being a resident of Cochrane and a motorcycle enthusiast, says we have some amazing rides that start right here in town.

“We've got Highway 40 is a great one if you go that way, it takes you through Long View. There's a lot of places worth stopping there like Black Diamond, Turner Valley, and stuff like that. If you drive north, I mean, highway 22 going straight up to Sundre is just a gorgeous ride or a drive.”