We're just eight days into the month of June and Southern Alberta has already experienced several active weather alerts.

The month started off with most of the province under an extreme heat warning and reaching 30-degree temperatures for three days straight.

Lead Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, Rob Griffith says that the abnormally hot weather is behind the extremely high levels of the Bow River.

"It was pretty much an early-season heatwave with temperatures far above normal," says Griffith. "That was causing quite an increase in the melting rate in the Rockies. That has the river swelling up quite a bit."

The Cochrane area experienced a quick turnaround, going from an extreme heat warning to a severe thunderstorm watch, and there's been rain in the forecast for the past five days.

Griffith says that while we're lead to believe that April is our rainy month, June tends to see more than its fair share of rain in Southern Alberta.

He says that while we may be itching to start our summer planting, freezing temperatures are still a possibility for our area and Cochrane could see some frost develop overnight.

"Temperatures could drop to near-zero which could create the risk of frost," says Griffith. "With frost, you want to watch your plants, make sure you cover them up or bring in potted plants overnight if you can."

Below seasonal temperatures are expected to linger in Cochrane for the next three days. Griffith suggests holding off on any new planting until the weekend hits.

"By Friday things should start to rebound," says Griffith. "Temperatures should start to get to a more normal early summer range."

Cochranites can look forward to temperatures between 19 and 23 degrees this weekend with more favourable overnight lows for trees and new plants.