That's a wrap on local portion of the West Path Delivery Project or also known as the pipeline project that went through our fair town. 

The final cleanup phase is finished with the new gates hung on the dog park and the work fence has been removed. 

TC Energy project manager, David Eremita says, "In terms of emergency management, now that the line is in service. We obviously take great care in terms of ensuring its safety throughout its lifetime and operation. We do a number of exercises as well as inline inspection and annual reviews both with the community as well as the first responders in the area."

Eremita says their goal was to leave things better than when they started and that reclamation was a big part of the operation. They also utilized local contractors to help with the project as much as possible. 

All the parties involved including; TC Energy, Michels, the Town of Cochrane, and Cochrane residents seem pleased with the successful conclusion of the project.