Fiona Gilbert has been chosen to represent Cochrane on the Rocky View Schools (RVS) board of trustees for a third term.

She says that she's grateful for the opportunity to continue to be a voice for Cochrane on the board.

"I am very appreciative and honoured that they will continue to put their trust in me serving as their voice on the board of trustees, I take that responsibility very seriously."

Gilbert was one of three candidates vying for the Ward 6 position, also in the running were Peter Fortna and Simon Ongom. Gilbert acknowledges that she faced stiff competition from her two opponents, and she appreciates the conversations they brought to the table.

"The election and campaigning allows conversations around public education which is so important in our community and society," explains Gilbert. "I appreciate my running mates with Simon and Peter putting their names forward so we can have those conversations."

The new RVS Board of Trustees will be sworn in at its first Organizational Meeting on October 28. Gilbert says that after some team-building and connecting with the new board she is ready to put her platform to work. She campaigned on the priorities of healing and recovery and student success and she's ready to bring forth the concerns she's heard from community members.

"There's concern over the draft curriculum that the government is putting so that will be a key priority for the board over the next little while," explains Gilbert. "The other one that I heard loud and clear is around Truth and Reconciliation, and wanting to see some reconciliation action."

Specific to Cochrane, Gilbert says she remains committed to advocating for the much-needed expansion of Bow Valley High School.

The results from yesterday's municipal election may be subject to change, and election results will become official on October 22. 

The unofficial results are as follows:

  • Fiona Gilbert (Incumbent)    1,833
  • Simon Ongom                         1,601
  • Peter Fortna                            1,288