Fireside residents are hosting two open houses to prepare for an appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board.

Community members are fired up about the senior's living complex coming to Fireside and in preparation Christina MacLean and Sharlene McMorland are recruiting residents from all over Cochrane to share their thoughts on the upcoming proposal.

Points West Living is proposing a six storey building and area residents are not impressed.

Councillor Morgan Nagel says he is hoping the appeal board makes the right decision.

"I think it is really about building communities that people who live in those communities are happy with and their proud of. I don't  think people in Fireside want to see a six storey building right beside them."

Nagel believes a lot of residents felt misled.

"I think a lot of residents were led to believe that  there was going to be some nice commercial space- whether that's a barbershop, or a liquor store, or a restaurant built beside them. They bought their home and a couple years later they find out it's a 6 storey apartment building that is going to be casting massive shadows on them."

A new motion has been passed in the meantime but unfortunately it will not help Fireside.

"Not retroactively applied to this particular instance, but moving forward everything over five stories in Cochrane is going to be voted on by the Cochrane Planning Commission."

Nagel says we could see tempers flare at the appeal meeting.

"I think you are going to see a lot of angry residents, you are going to see some really defensive developers, and probably a little bit of drama."

Nagel is not sure what the outcome will be.

"It can be turned down at the appeal board. If it is turned down there, then I do believe the developers may be able to pursue some other legal options."

Nagel says feedback he has received is not positive.

"I have not heard from one resident who is happy that there is a six storey building being built in their community. And everyone I have heard from does not want this thing built."

If you would like to weigh in, you can head to the Community Room at Cochrane Toyota on June 8 from 5:30-7 pm, and on June 11 from 1-3 pm.