From the opening salute to the Canadian flag and the millions raised for charity from that little hill in the heart of Cochrane, the Cochrane Lions Labour Day Weekend Rodeo keeps getting better each year.

For three days, there was plenty of action in the arena as well as salutes and tributes to the ranching community and our western heritage throughout the weekend.

"Saturday was absolutely the biggest crowd we've ever had in history," says Chris Connon, Lions Club president and rodeo co-chair. "Our cabaret Saturday night was the same thing, and Sunday was really good. And you know what? This Monday crowd's pretty good too, considering the weather and everything."

"Everybody's just absolutely loved the whole entire weekend," he says. "We keep breaking records and it's all because of the community support. Every year we think we can't get bigger and better and the community proves that wrong."

Emphasis is also placed on providing some Western heritage education throughout the weekend. The Slimdor Ranch Rodeo kicked that off Friday night with a record-setting crowd in its 20th year

"There are some pretty cool events in there that showcase not only the rodeo events but recognize the mares and foals, the generational things it takes to keep the rodeo stock going. We're an amateur rodeo. Everybody has to start somewhere, so you don't get to the pros without going through the steps. It's the same with the livestock."

All the proceeds from the rodeo go towards supporting local projects of the Cochrane Lions Club.

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