This weekend make sure you give emergency vehicles, and tow operators, and service vehicles  room to work.

In Alberta , if a vehicle is passing a stopped emergency vehicle or tow truck on the same side of the highway that has its flashing lights activated, and the passing vehicle is in the adjacent lane, then that vehicle must slow down to 60 km/h or the posted speed limit, whichever is less.

Sgt. Darrin Turnbull, RCMP Traffic Services, says Albertans are not heeding the message, and putting lives at risk everyday.

“In 2015, the RCMP and the Alberta Sheriffs handed out 662 tickets for speeding past emergency vehicles. So far this year, we’ve handed out nearly 400, so that is a significant increase.”

One of those lives was almost ended in 2010, when a tow truck operator at Big Hill Towing & Recovery Service was hit by a drunk driver, shortly after the company was involved in Albera 511's Launch of #RoomToWork

Jackie Richards, General Manager of Big Hill Towing & Recovery Service says their operators are in an extremely dangerous position every minute they are on the side of the road.

"The majority of motorists do not slow down, they pay very little attention to whats happening on the side of the road," she says. " "I think it's just mindless, they're toodling along, everybody's got so much on their minds, I think it's just they're not able to take it all in."

Richards would like to see motorists perk up, have a bit of forthought in mind, and think about the ramifications.

"If you take somebody's life on the side of the road, and you feel somebody run into the bumper of your vehicle as you're travelling 110 kilometers an hour on the Transcanada highway, your life will never be the same, ever. Wake up to that."