When an officer stops you, it generally means you've done something wrong, but in Cochrane that isn't always the case.

Many good deeds go unnoticed, but the Town of Cochrane Municipal Enforcement is trying to end that, by giving out Ice Cream Citations when they see people do the right thing.

These citations have been given out for about two years now, Peace Officer Carry Dunne says the idea came when Mackay's Ice Cream approached them.

"We're in the community all the time," she says. "The idea behind it is we can give them out for good deeds, to kids mainly, if they're wearing their helmets, crossing the road safely stuff like that."

Dunne shares the Ice Cream Citations are a way for Peace Officers to reach out to the community as humans, not enforcers.

"Our proper title is Community Peace Officer, so we do a lot of things that people don't realize, we go to the schools, for education. We don't just go around and issue tickets for everything, it's really not like that. It's nice for us to be able to do stuff, engage the kids, let them know what we're here to do, and how we help."

As for the kids who receive the citations, Dunne says the can't take the smile off their faces.