We'll all have to wait for more details, but there's an exciting community initiative brewing at the Helping Hands Society of Cochrane and Area.

It must be special because today, Oct. 15, Cochrane Home Treasures made a $25,000 donation to help make it a reality.

"Right now, we want to just say that it's a really exciting initiative that we're working through. We're just not quite ready to reveal what it is yet, but details will be coming very soon," says Chiarra Nicolle, Helping Hands executive director.

Home Treasures chair Barb Primeau says they consider making donations to organizations that approach them with their ideas. 

"They sent us a letter, and we thought it was a good idea," she says.

Nicolle says hearing news of the donation made her heart soar.

"We're very excited and super blessed to have that donation given to us. When I heard, I was amazed, and my heart was just so full because this is going to benefit so many different organizations in the community once we have it up and running."

So far this year, Home Treasures has donated a record $153,000 to worthy community causes. They had an original target of $125,000 and now have a loftier goal in mind.

"We're pushing for $200,000 this year, so let's keep on going. Keep us in mind," says Primeau.

The nonprofit family thrift shop is built upon the strong foundation of giving back to the community. It quickly evolved from a concept of the Cochrane's Women's Housing Committee in May 2002. October that same year, the original store opened with the assistance of the Town of Cochrane Family and Community Support Services. It's been nonprofit from day one and is operated by the Treasures for Your Home Society.

Last fall, they expanded into a bigger and better location at 208 5th Ave. (some may refer to it as the old Sears building). The easy access it provides has paid dividends to the entire community.

"Shopping traffic has increased, and our donation traffic has been increased because it's easier to get here, it's easier to donate, and it's easier to come shopping," explains Home Treasures manager Cayley Breeze. "There are definitely no slow days anymore. We're always busy."

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