From minus 50C to 12C in just two weeks, Cochranites have seen their fair share of weather changes in January. 

But Natalie Hasell, warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada says we can continue to enjoy warm temperatures as we close out the month.

"It's very balmy in the next few days, by the time we get to late Friday and the weekend, we should see a change in the weather. More seasonal conditions coming up with the passage of this low pressure system and its associated front."

But it will be a far cry from what we saw a few weeks ago.

"The forecast suggests that the weather will be above normal for quite a while in the Canadian Prairies, so I'm not expecting any massive deep freeze for anywhere in Alberta over the next several weeks."

Hasell says she doesn't anticipate another deep freeze taking over Cochrane this winter. 

"There are a few models that are suggesting extremely cold conditions, but they're really the outliers. So it's within the realm of possibility, but I would be surprised to see that. I think we're going to see temperatures sit closer to seasonal."

You can view the long range forecast for Cochrane HERE.