Cochrane will once again welcome the holiday season this year together with an in-person edition of the Cochrane Light Up.

For the first time since 2019, November 26, 2022, will have Cochranites gather in historic downtown to enjoy an evening full of cheer, entertainment, and glowing warmth from various firepits.

Light Up chair Stephenie Shelstad is excited to kick off her tenth, and final year of leading the Light Up team with a return of normalcy to the event. 

“We've hopefully got some really big surprises! I meet with the Town next week to get my last, final approvals on things, and then we'll be going hard to the streets with it.”

“There are going to be some big changes as we have been struggling desperately to get volunteers. We won't be providing hotdogs or hot chocolate, not saying that they won't be there but we won't be providing it this year.”

“Taking out those two items actually takes us down about 70 volunteers so that is one of the reasons that we will be taking those out.”

Shelstad has also lost access to essential equipment for handling over 12,000 hotdogs. She welcomes Cochrane’s various businesses and organizations to participate and provide food during the event. 

“We’re going to have tables down there. There's still going to be the mayor's fire pit. We're still going to have entertainment, and all of that will still be there”.

During the pandemic, The Cochrane Light Up shifted gears and offered residents to come downtown throughout the month of December to take in an incredible light and music show. Shelstad says Cochranites can now expect the best of both worlds.

“Home Treasures has graciously given us more money to expand our light show! The show is gonna get even more focused this year and try and be even that much bigger."

“There might even be a little surprise if I can get approval.”