You won't find it in any Cineplex of Landmark theatres, but you can enjoy it on the big screen here in Cochrane.

Jon Stewart's political satire "Irresistible" is now showing at the Cochrane Movie House, amid the classic, or at least popular, films at theatres right now until a backlog of new films are released.

Cochrane Movie House's Hal Wolf says it's not a theatrical release in the truest sense of the definition because it was released simultaneously on video-on-demand (VOD). But it is brand new.

While the major franchises have declined to show the film on principle, he wants to give a nod to movie buffs aching to view something fresh.

Plus, it's being offered at the same discounted price of $5 as the other films in his weekly lineup.

At this point, "Unhinged," starring Russell Crowe continues to be slated as the first official new release on July 31. With the two largest markets in North America currently closed--New York and Los Angeles--Wolf isn't convinced that film, and others slated for August, will open on schedule.

"I'm very skeptical. I'm almost going to say they'll be pushed to September. The reason is 80 per cent of the theatres in the world need to reopen before they release their major pictures."

Irresistible was originally scheduled for release in May. Written and directed by Jon Stewart, of Daily News fame, the political comedy follows a Democratic strategist stuck in a rut after Trump's election. He finds a glimmer of purpose in helping a retired veteran run for mayor in a small, conservative Midwest town.

It also stars Oscar-winner Chris Cooper and Rose Byrne.