An investigation is underway into a case of vandalism at one of Cochrane's most iconic spots. 

Earlier this week it was discovered that someone had cut all four of the legs on the horse of the Men of Vision statue at the Cochrane Ranche. 

RCMP Cst. Clayton Gelinas said they first found out about it on the weekend. 

"May 4th it was reported to us that the Men of Vision statue had ben vandalized. The legs had been sawed or hacked through." 

The statue is estimated to weigh over two tonnes. 

"We need to figure out who is doing this and why. It seems kind of odd, it is made of copper maybe that has something to do with it. We just want to find out why." 

The statue has been located at the top of the hill at the Cochrane Ranche since 1979. 

Men of Vision The statue has been fenced off as the damage is assessed. 

The statue is fenced off as town officials assess the damage and make plans to repair it. 

"As far as I know at this point there are no concerns for it to fall over." 

Cochrane RCMP are encouraging anyone with information about the vandalism to contact them at 403-851-8000.

Men of Vision