The National Life Saving Society is hoping you are prepared when you head out to the lake this summer.

This week is National Drowning Prevention Week, an annual initiative organized by the Life Saving Society.

CEO of the Life Saving Society Kelly Carter said the reason they chose this week is that it's usually when they see the most drownings in the summer.

"Every year we try to remind Albertans to be water safe during the week because this is typically the week where we see the most people drown. This year, just as a result of the pandemic, we're already seeing about three times the number of media-reported drownings than what we did last year. It's really concerning because we're seeing more people drown in natural bodies of water. We just want to see more lives saved."

Alberta RCMP said they've already responded to 14 drownings so far this year, which prompted them to release an advisory on water safety.

Recent hot weather in the province has resulted in Albertans flocking to lakes and rivers to enjoy recreational water activities like tubing, paddle boarding and swimming.

The Lifesaving Society is partnering with rec facilities in cities and towns across Canada, hosting events on how you can prevent drowning.

"Whether that's 'Swim to Survive' or just public education displays and information to educate people on how to fit a life jacket, reminders to stay safe and within arms reach of their children and how to be safe around water when they're accessing those areas."

The week will culminate in World Drowning Prevention Day which is scheduled for July 25.