For many adult women, making new connections and friends can be a large task with an ever-growing list of responsibilities and low time.

Speed Friending is a local Cochrane event that hopes to make connecting easy.

"With a lot of people moving here in the last couple of years and the pandemic happening, a lot of people don't know people in Cochrane.” says event coordinator Kailey Mitchell. “We just put it out there as an opportunity for women to come in and make new friends.”

“We set it up similar to speed dating. We give them questions that they can use as a jump-off point and they introduce each other. We also give them a little card so they can write down their information if they want to exchange it for later.”

Attendees will be given a few minutes to chat across the table with a partner. Once times up, the partner swaps and the process begins again. 

The event is this Friday (January 27, 2023) at Found Bookshop. While making connections is the goal, the event aims to be a low-pressure, fun night out with door prizes and more.

“We got super positive feedback from the last one. One of the ladies that attended said that they still stay in touch and they love it so much.”

Tickets are available HERE and are limited. 

While this event is open for women around the Cochrane area, Mitchell says they would be happy to provide a similar event for men if the need is there.