Students at Bow Valley High are making sure good news stories are being told. 

Grade 12 student Rylie Paffrath says he and a few of his school mates have put together a news broadcast that showcases uplifting stories during these challenging times. 

"The Bobcat Broadcast is our way of kind of spreading some lesser known stories in our community that are uplifting and good news that make people smile and think that there's some good in the world."

The broadcasts are loosely based on the idea of Some Good News with John Krasinski.

Paffrath says "the first episode kind of focuses a lot on in Bow Valley's community so showing what the youth and the teachers in our community are doing and different things like that. We just wanted to focus on all the good work that's being done."

He says there's a lot of good stories to share including students making chalk drawings to encourage people to get active. 

"One student has been making art for a senior centre here in town and they've been putting it up on their walls. One of our students is making fidget blankets for seniors with dementia or alzheimers. It's a blanket that lets them fidget and it helps with their anxiety a little bit." 

Paffrath say they've also featured a student who started Cochrane Community Cares which is artwork and writing that praises front line workers.

He says each episode will be different but they will all share a common theme. 

"We're always going to focus on good news. We like to throw in some different comedy aspects to make it interesting so we're probably gong to have a sports theme in the next one but really it's up to what we see in the community. We'll probably release our next episode the last week in May."

Paffrath says they're looking for uplifting stories from the community and you're encouraged to reach out if you have any. 

To watch the first episode of the Bobcat Broadcast go here.