When the producer of Walt Disney film Togo approached Snowy Owl Sled Dog Company to work in the film, it was an experience of a lifetime for the local company.  

Of the 193 sled dogs in their kennels, 60 were used in the filming of the movie. Co-owner Jereme Arsenault of Snowy Owl says, "We are so fortunate to be such a huge part of the film, and it gave me a new appreciation of what the film industry is."

Togo is the true story of a lead sled dog that in 1925, led a team on a 600 mile journey to delivery serum to sick children in Nome Alaska. The Snowy Owl Dog Company's dogs were the actual sled dogs in the film and Arsenault's dog Hugo, was the stand in for the hero dog Togo.  

The movie was filmed in and around Cochrane from June 2018 to February 2019. It contains an abundance of local content. Togo will be released December 20th on Disney Plus.