The Alberta government is pledging $87 million over the next three years for mental health support and pediatric rehabilitation for children and youth. 

The funding promised by the provincial government is earmarked for increasing access to mental wellness supports and clinical mental health supports in schools to the tune of $42 million over three years.

The support will be available, this school year, to communities in the Calgary and Edmonton zones. 

Additionally, $45 million, over three years, will be allocated to increase access to pediatric rehabilitation services and programs like speech/language, occupational and physical therapy for children and youth.

These supports will be offered by Alberta Health Services across the province in collaboration with early identification efforts in schools.

Minister of Education, Adriana LaGrange says, “When students experience positive mental health, they are resilient and better able to learn, achieve success and build healthy relationships. Ensuring students have additional access to more mental health services and programs, including preventative and early intervention services, is essential and adds to the wide variety of supports already available in schools.”      

The funding announcement aligns with the Alberta Child and Youth Well-being Action Plan which addressed 10 recommendations made by the Child and Youth Well-being report.