Cochrane motorists woke up this morning with a bit of good news at the pumps.

The price of unleaded fuel at most stations dropped about 10 cents a litre to just over $1.57, thanks to the Alberta government's fuel tax consumer relief program.

The program kicked in this morning and more than countered the 2.2 cents per litre increase in the federal carbon tax.

The province has paused its 13 cents per litre tax on fuel as long as the price of oil continues to be above US$90 per barrel. A sliding scale will be applied between US$80 and US$90. It will be reinstated should the price drop below US$80.

The province also removed the 4 cents per litre tax on marked gasoline and marked diesel.

The measure is in effect until at least June 30.

Already this morning, Larry Wackershauser, operator of the Mobil gas station on 5th Ave., says customers have been telling him the price drop is a big help.

He says one customer told him he hadn't been filling up his car and was only putting in $20 at a time. He now plans to fill up again.

"The price went down around 10 cents a litre, so we're in good shape here in Alberta right now."

You can expect the price drop will be similar across the community. A block away, it's $1.56.6 at Safeway.

Mobil and Waypoint Convenience have also set aside two days to raise funds for charities supporting Ukrainians impacted by the ongoing conflict.

They will be donating one cent for every litre pumped on Apr. 2 and Apr. 9.

Based upon daily gas sales, Wackershauser estimates that will translate into a $400 donation from his station alone. 

There are over 50 Mobil and Waypoint Convenience locations in Alberta.