Biking in and around Cochrane is a popular activity enjoyed by many. With the recent rise of gas prices some may even be using biking to get to and from places more often than before, but rainfall from the weekend has left the trails in a vulnerable, and in some cases dangerous state.

President of Bike Cochrane Robert Martens says that biking on wet unpaved trails can be dangerous. "Some areas that are really wet you need to be careful, of course, so you don't slip in the mud, because mud can be very slippery".

Another factor Cochrane bikers need to factor in when thinking of going for a ride is the ruts that are made when people ride in the mud. "Some areas of Cochrane, with the spring runoff, is you have some ruts as well, so you need to be careful even for pedestrians that you don't step into it and twist your ankle, but also that you prevent that your front tire or back tire don't go into those ruts because it may result in a crash", says Martens.

While paved trails are generally safer Martens says there are still some areas that bikers need to watch out for. "What you'll also see along paved trails, is that there's some erosion happening that creates some small loose gravel on the pavement that starts to flush away. So, especially in corners that can be tricky when you maneuver those corners".

Using trails that are in an hazardous state, also causes work for the volunteers who upkeep the trails. "If you go in and it's muddy then it typically takes a good solid day of work to fix that. Let nature run it's course and let it dry out, and often it's okay after a day or so" says Martens.

For more information on biking in and around Cochrane go to the Bike Cochrane Website.