Warrant Officer Bradley Ross is on a mission to brighten up the outside of the Royal Canadian Cochrane Legion Branch 15 with the help of some local artists and Legion members. 

Ross says, "I have seen other Legions across the country where there have been artists that have done murals on the outside of the buildings and made it really inviting. So, that is what I am trying to achieve here." Ross is trying to get the word out to local artists who will see his vision as well as add some ideas of their own. 

The idea started with a mural on part of the building but it has since grown to encompass more Ross says, "I'm hoping to get local artists to tie in a bit of the military as well as the local culture into the mural and I am hoping to do the entire outside of the building."

Ross is hoping to receive some designs from artists by next month and then the executive will decide how the mural will come together. It may be the work of one person or as Ross hopes a collaboration of a number of artists. Ross envisions a memorial of Vimy on the main wall facing the parking lot with the shadow of soldiers and horses going up toward it and off in the opposite direction around where the banner is for the hundred years of the poppy, a flow of poppies going away." 

Ross says, "We have a bunch of members at the Legion that are going to clean the outside of the walls, take all the stuff off the walls and prep it and fill in all the holes and do a base coat in grey is the initial plan." The Legion will cover the cost of materials for the mural. If it is the case that the artist(s) wish to be paid for their work, the Legion will do some fundraising. 

Ross would love to see the mural done by the end of the summer but realizes that there is a lot to be done before that time. Right now, the focus is on putting the call out to local artists and encouraging them to submit their ideas to the Legion by next month. 

The Cochrane Legion Branch #15 is in a very visible spot in town and Ross says, "My goal is to make it a focal point to draw people in. The Legion has been here for quite a few years and we are hoping to keep it around for quite a few more. It is open to everybody, the public as well as children the more people that come to visit the better the Legion will do."

To submit ideas or for more information email Warrant Officer Bradley Ross at bfross74@hotmail.com.