A new dental fee guideline is in the works to help keep dental services in Alberta in check. 

The Alberta Government has announced on December 8, it will create a dental fee guide in partnership with Alberta Dental Association and College (ADAC) which will be available to the public to help regulate those costs.

Sarah Hoffman, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, says the review discloses range of fees for typical dental services and the new guide will allow Albertans to have all the information when making dental health decisions.

“We looked at low, average and high fees for the most common procedures Albertans have. We’ve included a list in the Dental Fee Final Report. It will let Albertans compare prices and shop around their services that fit their needs and their budget.”

The public fee guide, projected to come out in 2017,  will be similar to those found in every other province.

As well, the Alberta Government in partnership with the ADAC, Service Alberta, and organizations such as the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association plans to help educate Albertans about their rights as dental consumers. The government also plans to address the concerns and confusion about dental advertising guidelines as well as close the gap in programs for low income earners and seniors.

“This will ensure Albertans can get clear information about dental services and fees, and encourage competitive pricing.”